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19 October 2018

15th Years Anniversary Celebration with colleugues and clients in Hong Kong.

15 October 2018

Installation of Passive Capillary Drainage (PCD) at the Horizon Hills Golf & Country Club, Johor, Malaysia.

11 October 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific is proud to be part of the PGA TOUR Series - Clearwater Bay Open 2018 at Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Hong Kong.

10 October 2018

Delivery of Campey Turf Care Systems KORO by imants Recycling Dresser to Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore.

9 October 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Malaysia at the GCSAM/AGIF Malaysian Turfgrass Management Education Seminar & Field Day.

6 October 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Vietnam at Ba Na Hills 3rd Annual IMG Trophy held on 6 October 2018.

2 October 2018

Releasing the 3rd edition of Centaur Asia Pacific's Quarterly Newsletters. More pages, more articles! Read now.

20 September 2018

Trial installation of Capillary Concrete and EcoBunker at Tanah Merah Country Club, Singapore.

14 September 2018

Another Sports Field completed with Sandbanding by Centaur Asia Pacific.

11 September 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific organised a SubAir Seminar with our partners and clients at Sentosa Golf Club, Singapore.

31 August 2018

Another Turfbreeze™ Fan has been added to the fleet at Suncorp Stadiumin Brisbane, Australia. 

27 August 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific is sponsoring the 12th Asian Club Managers' Conference (ACMC) for the morning refreshments and will be featuring Prestwick Golf Group, Capillary Concrete and EcoBunker at our booth.

22 August 2018

Fertilizer training in our Hong Kong office by Tim Kennedy, international area manager of Simplot Professional Products.

21 August 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific has commenced a second Sand-banding project at a sports field in Johor, Malaysia.

17 August 2018

Delivered a brand new unit of Jacobsen’s Greens King IV Greens Mower was delivered to Seletar Country Club, Singapore.

17 August 2018

First Ventrac 4500Y delivered to our customer in Hong Kong.

13 August 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore at the ASPGI/AGIF Turfgrass Management Seminar & Field Day in Palm Hill Golf Club, Bogor, Indonesia and Mini-Summit in Pondok Indah Golf Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia.

10 August 2018

Installation of the new EcoBunker at the Shek O Country Club, Hong Kong.

8 August 2018

Installation of Capillary Concrete and EcoBunker in Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, Hong Kong.

31 July 2018

Installing the newly purchased Distance Markers from Prestwick Golf Group at Tanah Merah Country Club, Singapore.

30 July 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific & Jacobsen providing training on the Eclipse2 which Tanah Merah Country Club, Singapore had purchased.

25 July 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific attending the Personal Data Protection Seminar in Singapore.

22 July 2018

Mr. Alan Prickett (Managing Director at Ransomes Jacobsen Limited) and Mr. Andy Liu (Regional Sales Manager of Textron Golf, Southtern China) in Hong Kong.

3 July 2018

Check out our 2nd Edition of Centaur Asia Pacific's Quarterly Newsletter!

29 June 2018

Completed installation of Capillary Concrete and EcoBunker on Hole 17 bunkers at SIngapore Island Country Club, Singapore. See full story in our newsletter!

28 June 2018

Justin Chan, Division Manager for Centaur Asia Pacific Hong Kong attended comprehensive product training and also visited Jacobsen manufacturing process first-hand, and had the opportunity to meet the UK-based Jacobsen staff. 

8 June 2018

Completed the installation of PCDrainage at SICC Bukit’s greens this week.

4 June 2018

MTD grows its presence via Asian Golf Industry Federation.

31 May 2018

Jacobsen’s Eclipse2 walk-behind mowers are all ready to mow the greens and are on it’s way to Tanah Merah Country Club!

26 April 2018

Joe Wantulok, President for Werecon Inc. is in Singapore for Centaur Asia Pacific to conduct an internal sales and service training.

26 April 2018

Jacobsen LF 550/570 Electrical system technical training held in Centaur Asia Pacific (HK) office.

24 April 2018

Justin Chan, Division Manager for Centaur Asia Pacific (HK) attended the Wuxi Textron Specialized Vehicles Dealer Conference in Wuxi, China.

24 April 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific (HK) is responsible for providing Safety and Operation Training for the operators and also by having full support from Ransomes Jacobsen.

20 April 2018

Loading up to Tanah Merah Country Club - Garden Course.

13 April 2018

Launching of online sales in Carousell Singapore (Available in Singapore only).

6 April 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific expands its portfolio.

5 April 2018

Launching of our 1st Edition of Centaur Asia Pacific's Quarterly Newsletter!

5 April 2018

Capillary Concrete has undertaken installations at The Royal Selangor Golf Club - The RSGC in the heart of the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur and the Singapore Island Country Club (SICC) and Sentosa Golf Club in Singapore.

20 March 2018

Completed the installation of Capillary Concrete in the Royal Selangor Golf Club, Malaysia.

19 March 2018

Tim Kennedy (International Area Manager of Simplot) visits Centaur Asia Pacific Hong Kong.

16 March 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore staff appreciation dinner!

8 March 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore installing Capillary Concrete in the Royal Selangor Golf Club, Malaysia.

2 March 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore preparing Jacobsen Turf Equipment to be delivered to Sentosa Golf Club.

28 February 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore planting Platinum TE Paspalum at the Laguna National Golf & Country Club driving range.

2 February 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Hong Kong staff appreciation dinner!

30 January 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific Hong Kong delivers one SGL MU360 unit at the HK Stadium.

26 January 2018

Seowon, Centaur’s business partner in Korea for SubAir Systems | TurfBreeze Fans and PC Drain, exhibiting at the Korean Golf Show.

25 January 2018

OGT algaeGreen, Declan Gallagher (Managing Director) visited our Singapore office.

18 January 2018

Centaur Asia Pacific recently delivered a Spectrum WatchDog 2900ET Weather station to Shek O Country Club in Hong Kong.

23 December 2017

Campey Turf Care Systems Showcasing Koro FIELD TOPMAKER by AGIF.

11 December 2017

Jacobsen together with Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore had successfully completed a Basic Technical Training for Jacobsen Turf Equipment Eclipse 2 Walk-behind Greens Mower at Warren Golf & Country Club.

3 November 2017

Centaur Asia Pacific (HK) is the Sole Authorized Distributor for E-Z-GO in Hong Kong & Macau for Golf.

5 September 2017

Demo of Capillary Concrete Installation at Sentosa Golf Course, Singapore.

12 June 2017

Centaur Asia Pacific organized a field day in Hong Kong to demonstrate these fully electrical (battery powered) Infinicut 30” mowers by Justin Chan.

16 May 2017

Installation of SubAir PCDrainage in Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore. Bryan Littlejohn walking through the process.

20 November 2015

Centaur Asia Pacific has underlined its status as a major player in the Asian golf industry with an impressive show of strength at the second GreenUrbanScape Asia [GUSA] Singapore