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Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control

Mirimichi Green Pest Control


Mirimichi Green Organic Pest Control is a powerful and effective formulation that controls pests in any area, all while being safe and all natural.

Mirimichi Green’s Pest Control works on:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • No-see-ums
  • Chiggers
  • Spiders
  • Mites
  • Whiteflies
  • Aphids and many more insects

Ideal for:

  • Parks and Recreations
  • Campground sites
  • Universities
  • Lawns
  • Sports fields and more

Are pesky bugs disrupting your outdoor areas Mirimichi Green’s Pest Control is the solution with proven efficacy and safety? This all-natural formula controls mosquitoes, fleas, ants, roaches, no-see-ums, chiggers, spiders, mites, whitefly, aphids, plus many more insects. Mirimichi Green’s Pest Control was tested by standards set by the World Health Organization. The efficacy test revealed an 80+ percent kill rate for pests and larvae in a 24-hour period. By killing the larvae, egg cycles are disrupted so future outbreaks of pests are eradicated in the treated areas over time. Mirimichi Green’s Pest Control is known to be safe to spray around people, pets, and plants, with an immediate re-entry time after the spray has settled, making it ideal for any outdoor area. Try using this safe, effective and organic pest control for all of your pest management accounts such as parks & recreation areas, campground sites, sports fields, golf courses, universities, landscaping, gardens and more!

General Application -

  • Standard rate:
    • 4-8 ounces of formula per 1-gallon of water
    • or 1 part formula to 15 parts water
  • Infestation rate:
    • Use up to 16 oz. per 1-gallon of water

Be sure to shake well before every use. Apply Mirimichi Green Pest Control every 7-21 days.

Spray the entire property. This includes turf, bushes, trees, garage/carport, porches, gutters, drains, bird baths, outdoor furniture, fences, woodpiles, compost bins, buckets etc.