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SubAir Elite

SubAir Elite

As the budget allows, SubAir Elites can be added, two or three each year, to the rest of the golf course. SubAir Project Managers can assist in long range planning and strategy to ensure smooth installation over an extended time period.
To install SubAir, the course will need USGA specification greens or California style greens. No matter which SubAir product is chosen, the SubAir Operation Package is required to connect the drainage system to SubAir. These components can be installed during construction, during renovation projects, or while the course is open for play. Installation does not disrupt play and all the work is performed off the green so it will not interfere with golfers on the course.


“Our goal is to have a complete course of in ground SubAir systems, so we have started seeking approval each year for 2-3 systems and installing them on any new greens that are being constructed and then prioritizing which remaining greens have the greatest need. Until all our permanent SubAir systems are installed, we’ll continue to use our Air Force One on the other greens throughout the course. By managing the moisture control and gas exchange in the profile, the results/benefits we see are a stronger/healthier root system which is critical in surviving the intense Texas summers.”

Brandon Goodyk, Director of Grounds, The Vaquero Club

Elite Specifications

Max. Air Flow (1200 CFM);
Max. Vacuum 22″ (WG);
Max. Pressure 24″ (WG);
Motor 7.5 hp wash-down duty motor/direct drive;
Impeller Anti-corrosion aluminum
Enclosure – Direct Burial Vault
Corrugated dual-wall HDPE;
Dimensions 57″ Dia. x 35.5″ H
Weight 650 lbs;
Prewired and includes wire run of 100 ft. to attach vault
to control panel
Blower Pressure Switch
Vault Temperature Switch
Power switch and magnetic
Safety Interlock
Distributed Separator
Air Separator Assembly
HDPE / PVC configuration
Dual Valve Assembly
One piece PVC construction
Control Panel
Standard Enclosure Molded plastic
17″W x 16″D x 41″H
Optional Enclosures – Built to suit
Irrigation Control Signal Interface
24-volt AC on/off, pressure/vacuum
Service Indicator Light Illuminates when service is required
Safety Disconnect Power interlock switch
Noise Reduction
Sound attenuator connected to intake/exhaust
Power Requirement Options
230 volt 1 phase – 33 AMPS full load
208 volt 3 phase – 18.5 AMPS full load
230 volt 3 phase – 17.4 AMPS full load
460 volt 3 phase – 8.7 AMPS full load
Other power supplies accommodated by special order