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Cushman Hauler 1200

Cushman Hauler 1200

Maintaining a pristine course isn't always a pretty job. And when it's time to do the heavy hauling, these vehicles are ready to work. From big beds and payloads to features that help you get more done, Cushman® utility vehicles were made to get your course ready for play.

The Hauler 1200 utility vehicle will help you tackle any amount of work with its fuel efficient 13.5-hp gas engine. Equipped with a customizable cargo bed, practical dashboard, and an array of affordable UTV accessories, the Hauler 1200 will make sure the job is done with ease.


  • 13.5-hp Kawasaki® Gas Engine
  • 1,200-lb Vehicle Load Capacity
  • 800-lb Bed Load Capacity
  • 1,500-lb Towing Capacity
  • 12-cu-ft Cargo Bed
  • 2-Passenger Seating





Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Cushman range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

Updated on: 28 April 2021