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Cushman Hauler ProX

Cushman Hauler ProX

The Hauler ProX electric utility vehicle has the power to stand up to any job of any size. With its 50-mile electric range, silent operation, lifted suspension, and rugged trail tires this UTV will help you work seamlessly without disrupting work or play. The 72V electric drivetrain has outstanding energy efficiency and low operational costs while having the range and power equipped for action.


  • 72V AC Electric Drivetrain
  • 900-lb Vehicle Load Capacity
  • 500-lb Bed Load Capacity
  • 1,200-lb Towing Capacity
  • 12-cu-ft Cargo Bed
  • 2-Passenger Seating






Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Cushman range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

Updated on: 28 April 2021