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ECLIPSE 322 Electric

ECLIPSE 322 Electric

The ECLIPSE® 322 is the latest innovation from Jacobsen®. Featuring a hybrid or electric power system, ergonomic design, and the Jacobsen Classic XP™ reels, the ECLIPSE 322 can save you time and money AND improve on the superior quality-of-cut you have come to expect from a Jacobsen riding greens mower.

  • Energy and Economics - Features a hybrid or electric power system that is simpler, faster and less expensive to operate and maintain.
  • Comfort and Confidence -Maximize your operators potential with an ergonomic design that keeps controls comfortably within reach and the view unobstructed.
  • Versatility and Value - Numerous attachments available including the Turf Groomer®, Quick Roll™ attachment and a variety of rollers for the best playing conditions.
  • Tradition and Trust - Uses Jacobsen Classic XP reels, trusted for the highest quality-of-cut at the top courses around the world.
  • Respectful and Responsible - No hydraulic oil to leak or change coupled with significantly reduced noise and exhaust emissions make the Eclipse 322 an environmental champion




Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Jacobsen range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

Updated on: 16 July 2020

Battery Pack
48V (six 8 volt 190AH deep cycle lead acid batteries) with single point watering system
Battery Charger
On-board high frequency charger 18 amp, 48V DC output, 85-265V AC 45-65 Hz input.
System Voltage
48V nominal
Traction Drive
AC; 2.2 kW continuous
Reel Drive
One brushless DC motor per reel; 0.97 kW continuous
Reel Lift
One linear actuator per reel with individual control
18 x 10.5 x 8 4-ply
Parking Brake
Automatic electro-magnetic multi-plate
Variable ratio by-wire steering with feedback control
Number and Size
Three 0.56 m reels; 127 mm diameter
Number of Blades
7, 9, 11
Cutting Frequency
1.2 - 6.3 mm with 11 blade reel; Electronically adjustable
Overall Cutting Width
1.6 m
Height-of-Cut Range (Depending on turf condition, reel wear and bedknife installed)
1.6 - 11.1 mm
Standard on-board backlapping
0 - 8.9 kph; Electronically adjustable max speed
0 - 14.5 kph; Electronically adjustable max speed
0 - 6.4 kph
Weight with Reels Up
733 kg with all fluids
Weight with Reels Down
609 kg with all fluids
Length with catchers on
2.57 m
Height with OPS
2.01 m
Wheel Base
1.32 m
1.5 m outside of tires
Overall Width
1.72 m with reels
Ground Clearance (at reels)
Front: 15.5 cm
Rear: 10.8 cm
Turning Circle
Inside: 0.51 m
Outside: 3.7 m
Approximate run time per charge
3 - 3.5 hrs.
Approximate recharge time
4 - 6 hrs.
Sound Power Level
80 dBA with Groomers