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Ransomes MP495

Ransomes MP495

The Ransomes MP series has been developed from the ground up as a new generation of adaptable and practical wide area mowers. Delivering productivity on all fronts, the Ransomes MP Series is highly manoeuvrable, easy to transport, engineered for reduced downtime and powered to put its width to work in all conditions. The MP495 features a direct injection 49hp Kubota Diesel engine, complying with Stage IIIA and avoiding complex emission control. Its mechanical over hydraulic transmission system and electronic lift lower controls makes this a practical, high performing mower that gives an effortless, top quality finish season after season.




Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Ransomes range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

Updated on: 16 July 2020

Kubota V2403-M-DI-E3B 4-cyl, liquid-cooled diesel
36.5 kW @ 2700 rpm
Emissions Level
EU Stage IIIA - (EPA Tier 4 Interim)
Cooling System
Side-by-side radiator/hydraulic oil cooler; pressurized; 7.6 l capacity, 8.5 fins per inch
Fuel Capacity
77.1 l
Electrical System
12-volt, input/output controller. 45/60 amp alternator. Overload protection with automotive type fuses.
5 x Type
Sport 200: 197mm Diameter, 762mm Wide 6,8 and 11 Knife Floating; 6 Knife Fixed
Magna 250: 254mm Diameter, 762mm Wide 4,6 and 8 Knife Fixed
Floating Head Verticut
76mm Diameter Greasable
Unit Lift/ Lower
Fingertip operated joysticks for unit lift/lower, cross cut position, hydraulic powered lower for side slopes
Weight Transfer
On demand electrically operated hydraulic weight transfer system
Height of Cut
Sport 200 Floating: 12.7-35.7mm, Thin Blade 9-32mm, High Height Kit 12.7-61mm
Sport 200 Fixed: 12.7-89mm
Magna 250 Fixed: 12.7-61mm, Tool or hand wheel adjust
Overall Cutting Width
Cutting Capacity
3.78 ha/hr At 12kph- (10% allowance for overlap)
Traction System
Hydrostatic closed loop parallel cross series SureTrac system; variable displacement piston pump; front high torque fixed displacement piston wheel motors; full time auto 4wd fwd, on demand in reverse.
Cutting Unit Drive
Direct drive, bi-directional with relief valve protection in both directions
Hydraulic System
50.2 litre capacity reservoir, Parker EO-3 technology, 10 micron remote charge filtration, suction screen at tank, oil cooler side by side radiator, diagnostic test ports.
Hydraulic Cooling
Side by side pressurised hydraulic oil cooler
Front Tires
26 x 12-12 tubeless 8 ply
Rear Tires
20 x 10-8 tubeless 6 ply
Service Brakes
Dynamic through traction system
Parking Brake
Wet parking brakes integrated into wheel motors
Q-Amp® Variable rate, hydrostatic powered equal displacement cylinder to rear wheels
12 km/h
25 km/h
6.4 km/h
1820 kg; 2024 kg with cab
3.09m with Magna Cutting Units
2.11m ROPS up; 1.70m ROPS & Units Down
Transport Width
1.89m with Magna Cutting Units at 30mm height of cut
Working Width
3.75m Magna Units Down