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Soil Clean & Grow (2-2-1)

Soil Clean & Grow (2-2-1)

Soil Clean & Grow is made with a blend of USDA Certified bio-based (biochar) and premium organics that is designed to protect, restore and remediate industrial soil. Soil Clean & Grow’s long-lasting carbon captures and locks away contaminants.

  • Contaminant spill containment
  • Erosion control and grassing
  • Soil remediation and restoration
  • Pollution prevention

Made with a blend of USDA Certified bio-based Biochar and premium organics, Mirimichi Green’s Soil Clean & Grow is designed to protect and restore soil in and around industrial sites. It’s a fact that pollutants and hazardous materials leach into soil, but Soil Clean & Grow’s long lasting fixed carbon locks in industrial hazards and protects the environment. Stormwater can also wash contaminants into the water supply, but Soil Clean & Grow is formulated for maxiumum water absorption, holding in soil nutrients and preventing wash out. Soil Clean & Grow can be used in a variety of sites, including:

  • Around tanks and heavy equipment
  • High runoff areas
  • Fueling depots
  • Boad yards
  • Drilling sites

General Use

Golf -

  • 120 to 200 pounds per 1000 SF and soak into contaminated area.

Industrial - 

  • Apply 20-25 pounds per 1000 SF.
  • Apply 10,000 pounds (5 tons) per acre.

Bio Filter - 

  • Mix with sand at rate specified by design (typically 10-15%).

Urban Gardens - 

  • Mix with soil at 5-10% by volume or spread 1 inch on top of the garden and till 4 to 8 inches deep.