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IMANTS – SandCat

IMANTS – SandCat



The Imants SandCat moves lightly over the turf, slitting the surface and introducing sand to improve drainage and enhance the properties of the rootzone, with the compact size of the machine making it ideal for greens and tees. Used empty, it has similar features to the Imants ShockWave and can be used to aerate hard, compacted areas of fine turf. The SandCat features overload protection by a torque limiter PTO shaft.


STRI Final Report:
To determine the effect of the Sandcat on turf health, surface and soil performance – 2014 data. Click here to view the report



Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Campey Turf Care Systems range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

Updated on: 30 October 2020

Working width
Transport width
Working depth
Cutting blades 150mm / sand injection 120mm
Weight (approx)
650kg (empty)
Hopper capacity
500 litres
Blade number & thickness
21 – 8mm
Blade spacing
Power requirement
30hp +
Tractor requirements
540 pto. Creep gear or hydrostatic drive required
0.3 – 1.5 mph (0.5 – 2.4kph)