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Qwitch: All rear-mounted implements attach to Smithco Bunker Rakes instantly and effortlessly with the exclusive Smithco “Qwitch” (quick hitch).

Serrated Rubber Rake with Optional Finish Brush

Rubber rake that will not tear up edge of sand trap.

Tournament Rake with Flex Brush: (rear mounted)

Applies the finest finish and playability. Permits “zero circle turns” leaving no un-raked, unsightly “donut”. Patent Pending.

2009 Multi-Flex, Tournament Rake

Roller Brush Spiker System: (rear mounted)

3-section system. Follows Contours to perfect the surface of your greens. Available in spiker and brush also.

RBS Roller

Tournament Finish Rake: (rear mounted)

Applies the finest finish, firmness and playability. Choice of 84” or 72”.

Tournament Finish Rake

Standard Finishing Rake: (rear mounted)

We have been making this for over 30 years. It’s been copied but never duplicated. A must for old-style, small bunkers.

Standard Finish Rake

Spring Steel Fan Rake: (rear mounted)

For extra-fine smoothing and grooming, and for removing pesky debris like pine needles and leaves.

Smithco Fan Rake

Sand Brush: (rear mounted)

Attaches to all Smithco finish rakes and provides a natural, wind-blown finish golfers favor.


Sand Cultivator: (center mounted)

To loosen and pre-condition crusty and wet sand, and for removing weeds. Covers the full width of the tractor. Operates easily from the seat.
Sand Cultivator

Spring Tine Sand Cultivator (center mounted)

Loosen and pre-condition crusty, packer or wet sand. Easy on turf at bunker edges. Covers full tractor width/ Easily operated from the seat.

Spring Tine Cultivator Super Star, Arizona, 01-04-07 045

Sand Plow: (front mounted)

To bulldoze sand and soil after washouts, and for moving, spreading and smoothing new sand and soil. Manual or hydraulic.


Dry Spreader: (rear mounted)

100 lb/45kg capacity for fertilizer, chemicals, sand or salt. 12-volt power.


Typhoon: (rear mounted)

High-volume pump for liquids and semi-solids. 6.5ft/2m snorkel keeps tractor high and dry. 11 hp/ 8.5kW gas engine with electric start. Removes excess water from bunkers at a rate of 240 gallons per minute.
Click here for Spec Page.
Typhoon in operation

Engine-Powered Blower: (rear mounted)

Makes quick work of leaves and debris all over your course. NOTE: Does not fit Diesel Super Star.