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Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser 16-6-8 + TE

Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser 16-6-8 + TE

Oxafert Herbicide and Fertiliser is a dual use product featuring “Oxafert” a highly effective pre-emergent herbicide which controls Summergrass (Digitaria ciliaris), Crowsfoot (Eleusine indica), Wintergrass (Poa annua), and Creeping Oxalis (Oxalis corniculata) combined with a high quality Simplot & Best homogenous fertiliser (16:6:8) to enhance turf establishment and maintenance. 


Key Features of Oxafert Herbicide and Fertiliser 16-6-8 + Trace Elements

  • Oxafert is a shoot absorbed pre-emergent herbicide, having minimal impact on root development in the turf establishment phase.
  • Oxafert pre-emergent herbicide offers a unique mode of action, and is ideal for resistance management.
  • High quality Simplot Turf Supreme, dust free, homogenous fertiliser to enhance turf maintenance and establishment. Non-staining formulation, providing uniform nutrient distribution.
  • Convenient and easy to apply through granular fertiliser spreaders.
  • Safer to handle and apply due to the low active ingredient concentration.
  • Enhances weed control through effective coverage and soil contact by the Simplot fertiliser technology.
  • Promotes a healthy turf response which increases competition for weeds.
  • Oxafert is also registered for ornamental plant situations, allowing it to be used in a wide range of situations. This also highlights the safety of the product when being used nearby garden beds.


*Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for this product in Hong Kong, Macau, and Vietnam.


Oxafert Herbicide and Fertiliser is registered for use on turf farms, recreational turf, fairways, golf tees, municipal sports fields, industrial and commercial lawns.  It should NOT be used on fine cut sporsturf surfaces such as putting greens, low cut tees or bowling greens.  It is suitable for warm season turfgrass species only, i.e; buffalo grass, common couch, kikuyu and QLD blue couch. 

To control Crowsfoot and Summer Grass use 300kg/Ha (3.0kg/100m2).  Apply from late winter to early spring (late August to early September) prior to germination of the weeds.  Summer grass will be suppressed at this rate. 

To control Wintergrass and Creeping Oxalis use 400kg/Ha (4.0kg/100m2).  Apply prior to germination of the weeds. 

When applying Oxafert Herbicide and Fertiliser it is important ensure that the product is applied to a dry leaf, and irrigation following application is important to move the active ingredient into the soil. 

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