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PT 25 Countro Sweeper

PT 25 Countro Sweeper

The MAREDO PT 25 Counter Rotating Sweeper collecting brush turns your PT 60 Powerunit into a high efficient, compact, easy to use sweeper. As the PT 25 Counter Rotating Sweeper rotates, it works very efficient, even when heavy items like cores have to be collected.

There are several application where this PT 25 can be used.
First on natural grass to collect dirt, leaves, cores, redundant top dress material etc.
Next it can also be used on hard surfaces, like pavement, concrete floors etc.
And finally it can be used on artificial turf to clean the surface from all debris. But also removing the redundant infill material.

It is possible to use the steering mechanism of the PT 60 base machine to follow some curves. The depth is set via the front support roller of the PT 25 head.

Different kind of brushes are available with different hardness for different applications. If you want to see how it works, please check the animation video of the GT 250, because both cassettes do have the same technology.