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Technology to Meet Today’s Needs

The RG3, with its patented robotic technology and industry-proven cutting reel, produces the most consistent playing surface possible by combining mowing and rolling in a single pass. RG3 is the ultimate solution for improving the overall quality of your course and your 

Consistent and Accurate

Since its introduction, the RG3 has been operated, demonstrated and tested at over two dozen courses nationwide, mowing more than 45 million square feet of greens in a variety of shapes, sizes, contours and grass types. During that time, the RG3 has been proven to make the golf course maintenance staff at least 50% more productive during the critical course preparation hours, while providing unparalleled consistency across all greens.

In addition to labor efficiencies, the RG3 has been proven to provide greens speed increases consistent with lightweight rolling practices, and the most consistent putting surface possible across all greens by combining rolling and mowing in the same unit and eliminating the influence of an operator.

Using a proprietary positioning technology that trumps GPS, the RG3 moves precisely and safely across the green, traveling in straight lines and along curved perimeters without the need for a human operator. Its gentle turns minimize turf bruising, while a built-in traction control feature reduces drum slipping on steep inclines. With a turn distance that is adjustable each day, turns in the same location can be eliminated.

Superintendent Friendly

  • Superior support — from rapid delivery of service parts to comprehensive manuals and product training
  • Impeccably maintained grounds, increased productivity, enhanced ROI and peace of mind

Consistent and Accurate

  • Robotic mowing in beautiful straight lines
  • Eliminates the influence of an operator, resulting in unmatched, uniform cuts
  • Turns are gentle and smooth; clean-up cuts are precisely controlled
  • Software allows you to cut your greens to your exact specifications, every single time

Turf Focused

  • Performs gentle turns to minimize turf bruising and tearing
  • Traction control feature reduces drum slipping - with a turn distance that is adjustable each day, turns in the same location can be eliminated
  • Provides highly accurate and repeatable cut around the green, maintaining your greensʼ shape and eliminating greens creep due to mowing errors
  • Pivoting frame and floating cutting unit permit a full range of motion that allows the cutting unit to follow every contour and slope
  • Multi-roller chassis rolls the green as it mows, providing a smooth and uniform playing surface

Efficient and Easy to Use

  • Simple operator controls
  • Can “see” in the dark! RG3ʼs technology allows it to provide the same quality cut in complete darkness so you can cut anytime, day or night
  • Because it is unmanned, the RG3 makes it possible for your employees to perform other critical course preparation tasks
  • Advanced onboard diagnostics allow for rapid identification of system faults, minimizing downtime