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SandMat Bunker Liner

SandMat Bunker Liner

Design the Bunker You Want - Let SandMat Do the Rest
The SandMat Difference
SandMat bunker liner creates synergy with your drainage system allowing for superior drainage and erosion control. Minimizing bunker washout allows your course to be ready to play with less down time.
With our wider roll widths, SandMat has fewer seams, staples and waste. In addition, wide rolls help shrink installation costs. SandMat helps reduce maintenance costs, improves course aesthetics and adds revenue.
SandMat is specifically designed to provide superior drainage of bunker sand. The high permeability of the 3D fiber matrix allows rapid removal of rain or irrigation water while enabling the sand to retain its natural stability and not penetrate or clog the matrix.
Our exclusive process incorporates intimately blended polyester fibers thermal bonded to form an evenly distributed, three-dimensional blanket: 
  • SandMat has stronger and more flexible bonding points for long lasting performance.
  • Because it is intimately blended, SandMat does not have layers that will separate or get caught in a rake and get pulled apart. 
  • SandMat holds its loft better than competing products under the weight of 4” of sand. This gives SandMat more resiliency, better water flow, and better drain performance.
SandMat is the lowest cost installed bunker liner available. Wide rolls install faster, require fewer fasteners and produce less waste. SandMat is available in a variety of grades for custom-tailored installations.

SandMat Ultimate 350

SandMat Ultimate 350
A highloft nonwoven thermal bonded geotextile consisting of intimately blended polyester fibers thermal bonded to form an evenly distributed, three dimensional blanket specifically intended for sand entrapment, subgrade separation and drainage.

SandMat 400

SandMat 400
Allows for the heaviest water flows. This high loft, rapid draining, three dimensional geotextile is the perfect product for your highest flashed and most demanding sand stabilization conditions.

SandMat 300

SandMat 300
A true benchmark thermal bonded product. This product consists of a three dimensional geotextile matrix which is ideal for moderate slope conditions and areas where drainage and separation of subgrade area concern.

SandMat 200

SandMat 200

A cost effective thermal bonded product for areas with a lower gradient, requiring less sand stabilization. This product provides excellent separation and drainage in areas with less extreme performance requirements.

Selecting the Right Liner for Your Bunker Project
Liner Selection & Specification Guide

Not sure what SandMat bunker liner is right for your job? Here's how to plan for your project:

Profile the Bunker
Steep and High
Specify Sandmat 400
Moderately Sloped Specify SandMat 350
Mostly Flat Specify SandMat 200
Evaluate Subgrade
Good Subgrade/Well-draining
Specify Any of the Above
Poor Quality
Specify SandMat 350
Consider Course-Specific Factors
Critical Bunker
Specify SandMat 400
Wet Climate Specify SandMat 400
Determine Coverage Requirements
Simple Shape & Edge Detail
Add 10% to Base Quantity
Moderate Shape & Detail Add 15% to Base Quantity
Complex Shapes
Add 17% to Base Quantity
Estimate Number of Staples Required
Mostly Floor with Little Slope Budget 1.10 Staples per Sq Ft/10.8 Staples per Sq M
Typical Bunker (1/3 Slope)
Budget 1.17 Staples per Sq Ft/12.6 Staples per Sq M
High Proportion of Slope Budgt 1.33 Staples per Sq Ft/14.3 Staples per Sq M