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ST 414 Vibe Spike Overseeder

ST 414 Vibe Spike Overseeder

The MAREDO ST 414 Vibe Spike Overseeder for Turf turns the ST 63 Powerunit into a pedestrian overseeder. Overseeding isn’t always an easy job, especially when we. want the new seed to be in contact with the bare soil.

MAREDO has developed a new (patented) technology for overseeding. To guarantee a correct hole for the seed, the ST 414 uses a Vibe Spike shaft. This shaft has spike sections that roll over the ground and vibrate due to the driven central camshaft. This vibration helps to create a perfect hole till the right depth.

The new grass seed is fed from the front and funneled towards the front side of the spike section. The spikes pick up the seed and plant it in the soil at the same time the hole is made. This means that the seed has perfect soil contact. As we have more seeds falling than holes made, a rear brush helps to sweep these extra seeds in the holes (eventually in combination with topdress which is already laid down).

The ST 414 Vibe Spike Overseeder for Turf is meant for coarser grass seeds and can be used at gardens and football fields. For fine seeds, like on greens, we have the ST 410 available. The ST 410 has more slender spikes and another finer dosing shafts. The ST 414 creates about 1100 holes per square meter. The depth is adjustable from 7-14 mm = 0.275- 0.550”. Seed dosing starts at 2 gram/ square meter, which means that you can safe on seed costs.