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TFM Shield Screenless System

TFM Shield Screenless System

Using the latest technology integrated in the golf car, you can manage and control your fleet, while protecting your course and customers.

Whether you are looking to improve your car uptimes, keep golfers out of restricted areas or secure your fleet, the TFM Shield system is the solution for you.
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*Centaur Asia Pacific is the Textron Fleet Management distributor for Hong Kong & Macau.




Textron Fleet Management (TFM) gives your players a superior experience on the course, with everything you need to be successful. With four options, including Shield™ screenless technology, each TFM system has the ability to monitor pace-of-play, enforce geofences and monitor the performance of your fleet.

Now available for Turf and Utility vehicles as well, the TFM Shield® Plus builds upon an existing product line of fleet management products for golf cars, incorporating screenless technology for utility and turf equipment enabling you to effectively manage operations, increase productivity and receive real-time data to monitor, maintain and protect your fleet.

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