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Precision that Protects
The TruEdge system enables you to maintain the exact shape of your greens and tees without the hassle of reshaping that leaves unsightly scalping in its wake.
Creep Control
Greens can creep inwards by one to four inches per month based on cultural practices, growing conditions and mowing operator experience level. This requires the green to be routinely marked at the original edge for an operator to follow and mow.
This process almost always means that unsightly scalping will occur. By integrating the TruEdge system into the daily or weekly mowing process, the effects of greens and tee creep can be eliminated without the need to scalp collars and the labor hassles to reshape greens or tees.


Effective and Easy to Use

TruEdge mounts easily to your existing equipment and features an intuitive display that indicates where the true edge of the green or tee is located, allowing superintendents to eliminate the effects of greens and tee creep over time. TruEdge will reduce the labor hours and negative aesthetic effects of scalping typically associated with the routine correcting of a greens' or tee's shape.

Use it with or without a grass basket on either side of the mower to provide a controlled clean-up cut in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.