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Volunteer WT

Volunteer WT

The hardest workers are always the ones who raise their hands for the toughest jobs.

The Volunteer WT epitomizes the work ethic of the best volunteer. With a well-balanced chassis, suspension and drivetrain combined with a 4' x 5' dump bed featuring three sides that can be lowered or removed, the Volunteer WT is ready to take on any task.

Built to take what you give it

Heavy Duty Aluminum Dump Bed. 
Oversized pallet capable, the Volunteer WT's dump bed is 48" x 60", 1200 lb. capacity, electric lift bed with hinged and removable angled sides.

Cub Triple Guard Corrosion Defense System™. 
Our three-stage immersion and coating process creates an armor worthy of this work horse.

Power and Control. 
The Volunteer WT is driven by a 31 HP liquid-cooled, EFI gas engine and features electric power assist steering to easily get from job to job.

Need More? 
Available options include hard cab with full safety glass and doors, 2" front receiver, horn, rearview mirror, 4000 lb. winch and a 72: blade.