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Wash Box

Wash Box

Washing sand is the remaining piece to a 100% solution to your bunkers.


Capillary Bunkers Wash Box allows an innovative way to pressure wash your bunker sand from fine particles, organic containment, ultimately lengthening the life of your bunker sand.


The Vault is installed at the lowest part of each bowl shape segment of each bunker. The reason is to create a much deeper sand depth in the very lowest part of the bunker, and by doing that eliminating any problems with sands that have too many fine particles in them. The fine particles hold too much moisture at shallow depths, and this problem may arise after some years as the bunker sand gets worn out or contaminated from grass clippings or outside factors. The Vault is also needed to place the Capillary Wash Box in, an important tool in keeping the bunker sand in perfect condition year after year.


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Centaur Asia Pacific is the exclusive distributor for Capillary Concrete range of products in Queensland State of Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand beside other countries in South-East Asia.

Updated on: 21 June 2021