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Z2R Flex Roller

Z2R Flex Roller

Flexation Sensation!

With all 4 rollers providing traction and a simple button to lift and lower the wheels, the Z2R Flex eliminates any OH&S issues caused by hitching, lifting and positioning of the traditional roller.

Eliminating the need to be towed frees up the utility vehicle to be employed elsewhere and there is an increase in the speed of the rolling operation.

Powered by a 23hp V twin Vanguard engine, the noise emission is very low. Tapered rollers reduce the chance of creasing the green and the flex system of roller suspension allows movement of rollers in all directions, helping to conform to green contours.

Some of its many features include LED lights as standard, an adjustable seat and steering wheel, a utility tray, a hole cutter stand and a cup holder.

Specifications sheet for Graden Z2R Flex Roller





Graden International 1 Year warranty


Engine HP


23 HP V-Twin Vangaurd Engine (Briggs &


Battery Voltage


12 volt


Cooling – hydraulics


Large frontal fan and extensive


Drive – roller/roller


Duplex chain drive




Tapered edged rollers to minimise


Utility tray


Standard – fitted with base to retain Hole cutter and various equipment




steering wheel engaged for rolling operations


Steering – transport mode


Zero turn style levers engaged for transport


Seat position


adjustable seat


Steering wheel position


Adjustable steering wheel


Vibration reduction


Vibration eliminated due to the Graden independant Roller System (GIRS)