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618 Accu-Sharp Spin/Relief Reel Grinder

618 Accu-Sharp Spin/Relief Reel Grinder

With the ability to gauge, touch-up spin grind, and relief grind with the patented auto-index relief system, you will not

find a lower cost solution for your grinding needs.
618 ACCU-Sharp Offers:
  • Patented Auto-Index Relief lowers labor costs, freeing the operator while performing the final step of returning the reel OEM specifications. 
  • Sturdy One-Piece Welded Frame Construction minimizes space needed in the shop and is easy for the operator to navigate set-up and operation.   


Adjustable Reel Mounting Mechanism

Features two overhead arm V-clamps that secure the front roller. Keeping the arms in the same position after initial   placement of a reel makes set-up of subsequent reels easy and efficient. 

Belt Traverse System

A maintenance free kevlar belt design smoothly moves the carriage along an induction hardened, ground and polished steel rail system, allowing a perfect grind every time.

Single Point Infeed & Carriage Design

Provides calibrated infeeds for precise metal removal. The robust carriage design and belt engagement traverse lever makes transition to relief easy, and alignment efficient.  

Patented Auto-index Relief Assembly

Features an easily attachable relief assembly that provides “hands-free” blade to blade indexing. Auto-index is what made Foley United famous and can’t be found at a better value than with the 618. 

Dial Indicator Set-up Gauge

Aligns reels within accuracy of .001" (.025mm), ensuring the premium cylindrical quality of the spin grind before starting the spin process.

Maintenance Free Electro-Magnetic Travel Limits

Controls the travel of the carriage. Easily adjustable, these switches precisely stop the carriage where needed for spin and relief grinding. 

Accessible Control Panel

Conveniently locates switches for the grinding motor, variable speed traverse control, variable spin speed control, Spin/Relief selector, variable torque for auto-index relief, and a safety stop button. 

Variable Speed Spin Drive

Provides optimum grinding performance.  The adjustable scissor jack allows for easy positioning of the quick disconnect spin drive coupler


Manual Hoist

This lifting system comes standard and provides a safe and efficient overhead crane that enables easy loading of reels. 



  • Robust Frame Design - Welded-steel frame and powder coated finish
  • Traverse System - Automatic belt drive variable speed using proximity sensors cogged traverse belt with 38” travel capacity
  • Rails - Precision ground round rails with recirculation ball bearings
  • Variable Speed Spin Drive
  • Variable Torque for Relief Grinding
  • Auto-Index Relief Capability
  • Manual Hoist


  • Bedknife Attachment Kit - Order Part #6000555 
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Updated on: 17 July 2020