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653 Accu-Master Reel Grinder

653 Accu-Master Reel Grinder

Quality-of-cut and performance of your equipment is priority number one.
This is why we’ve engineered our 653 to grind however you want, so whether doing quick “touch-up” spin grinding or returning the reel to manufacturer specifications, nobody does either with more quality and efficiency than Foley. 
653 ACCU-MASTER Offers:
  • Automated In-Feed Grind Cycles for both the spin and relief grind process separates Foley from all others! The  ACCU-Touch 3 control innovations continue making grinding easier than ever. 
  • Two Minutes to Spin Grind is all it takes when distinguishing technician time from grind time. Let the ACCU-Touch 3 do the work while you do something else.   
  • Hands-Free Relief is the feature that has courses around the world opting for grinders that do more than just spin grind. Foley automation of in-feeds and the patented auto-index provides productivity and choice that other grinders don’t.  
  • Automatic Placement features the ACCU-Reel Selector and  Cylinder Height Stop system that automatically locates the reel for a fast and easy placement to spin and relief grind in one set-up.   





ACCU-Touch 3 Control

provides a step-by-step tutorial for new technicians and a quicker setup and spin grind feature for the more experienced operators.  You tell the machine what you’re working on and the machine does the rest.  Pre-programmed spin speeds, relief torque, and in-feeds are only a few of the new features found in  the ACCU-Touch 3. 

ACCU-Reel Selector

allows for easy adjustment of the rear roller v-mounts and automatically positions the reel based on reel make and diameter. The heavy-duty rear clamp is easily installed to secure the rear roller.

Cylinder Height Stop

is built into the gauging system and easily positions the reel height correctly for both the spin and relief  grind processes. 

Front Roller Clamp

is adjustable to accommodate various rollers and groomers and the single clamp design moves up and down to set the height of the reel using the cylinder height stop. 

Counter-Balanced Spin Drive

is easy to position and  connect directly to the reel  shaft, and the spin drive mounting system is easily moved from one side  to another.

Accu-Positioning Gauge

uses the touch-screen display and a “bubble-style” graphic, ensuring you’re always grinding to a perfect cylinder.

Robust Grinding Head & Relief Assembly

provides accuracy that  ensures a sharp edge in mere minutes when spin grinding, and includes a Relief Angle Adjuster that makes grinding correct angles easier than ever before.

Optional Electric Hoist

provides an overhead crane that has the capability to load reels from the front or rear of the machine.



  • ACCU-Touch 3 Control: Automated in-feed cycles for Spin and Auto-Index Relief Grinding
  • Completely enclosed guarding with electrically inter-locked retractable safety glass doors
  • Counter-Balanced Spin Drive and 8, 9, and 11 Spline Reel Drive Adapters 
  • Automatic reel positions using the ACCU-Reel Selector, Front Roller Clamp, and Cylinder Height Stop
  • Automated SPIN Speed and RELIEF Torque features with Pre-Programmed settings and Programmable memory
  • Vertical and horizontal adjuster for precise carriage position and taper removal
  • Internal Vacuum System collects dust and keeps shop area clean 



  • 220v to 110v Step-down Transformer 
  • Rear Access Door Model   
  • Electric Overhead Hoist for Front or Rear Load 
  • Rear doors with mounted lift table
  • 3706228 Power Brush Bracket
  • 6530550 Ground Drive Kit
  • 6330527 Front Tooling Extension
NOTE: Because Foley is continually improving its products,
specifications are subject to change without notice.

Centaur Asia Pacifc is the distributor for Foley Company range of products in Hong Kong and Macau.

Updated on: 17 July 2020