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673 Automatic Bedknife Grinder

673 Automatic Bedknife Grinder

Foley, the world leader in Reel Grinding Equipment since 1934, brings you the fastest and easiest to use bedknife grinders in the world—the 673 Automatic Bedknife Grinder. 
673 Automatic Bedknife Grinder Offers:
  • An Innovative Bedknife Mounting System that uses powerful electromagnets to hold the bed bar in place and Positive Gauge Stops to make set-up simple and fast. You can grind any bed bar arrangement without additional tooling.
  • Fast Angle Set-up that provides repeatability without recalibration. Set the Angle Stops once and the 673 will grind the same angle over and over. Changing from grinding the front face to the top face is as simple as pushing a button and watching as the powered Tool Bar rotates into the position.
  • Operator Protection provided by a sturdy metal hood with a clear polycarbonate window that retains the coolant mist and shields the operator. The Interlocking Switch prevents operation without the hood being totally closed. The supplemental power supply protects the operator in the event of a power outage, maintaining power to the electromagnets and holding the bed bar firmly in place. 
  • Easy-To-Use Controls. The 673 uses a precision Hand Wheel to in-feed the grinding head while it automatically traverses back and forth across the bedknife. The 673 further automates the process by running one of the pre-set programs to automatically start the grinder, traverse the grinding head, in-feed the grinding head, and stop the grinding process.


Fast Angle Set-up

provides repeatability without recalibration. By setting the Angle Stops once, the 672/673 can grind the same angle over and over. This is the market’s fastest method of setting the desired angle.

673 Automatic Bedknife Grinder with Automated In-feed Control

This control allows you to push a button and walk away as the 673 automatically in-feeds, traverses, and runs one of the pre-set programs.

Flood Coolant

Controls dust, allows fast grinding time by controlling the bedknife temperature during the grind, and aids in producing a high quality surface finish. 

Diamond Wheel Dresser

Allows the operator to dress the grinding wheel. The permanently attached dresser stores easily out of the way during grinding and requires minimal adjustment for dressing.

Precision Traverse System

Is the key to straight bedknives over the life of the machine. Heat-treated, stress-relieved, and  precision-machined, the traverse base utilizes a reliable belt drive system. These features combine to provide the precise foundation for the most accurate grind possible.

Powered Motion

Of the tooling bar and mounting system simplifies and quickens the change from grinding the front to the top surface.

Bed Bar Mounting System

Allows the bed bar assembly to remain straight and stable throughout the grinding process without inducing stress.

Alignment Gauge

Simplifies and virtually eliminates set-up time. The forward and upright position is used for alignment of the bedknife. After alignment, the gauge is stored in an out-of-the-way position.



  • “Automatic Angle” Positioning
  • “Automatic Alignment” Positioning
  • Electromagnetic Bedknife Mounting System
  • Built-in Diamond Dresser
  • Integrated Flood Coolant System  
  • Supplemental Back-up Power Supply
  • Grinding Motor Height Adjuster
  • Automated infeed/traverse programs (Model 673)



  • Bellows kit for component protection
  • Borazon grinding wheel for hardened bedknives Part #3700696 
  • Replacement Flood Coolant Additive
NOTE: Because Foley is continually improving its products,
specifications are subject to change without notice.

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Updated on: 20 July 2020