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Adama Quali-Pro Nutmeg (Herbicide)

Adama Quali-Pro Nutmeg (Herbicide)

Quali-Pro Nutmeg is a versatile herbicide that controls Nutgrass, Mullumbimby Couch and a range of broadleaf weeds in established cool and warm season turfgrass.  

Quali-Pro Nutmeg is an ideal first choice for control of sedges in desirable grasses such as buffalo and kikuyu, where other chemistry classes (e.g. many Group B and Group I chemicals) may cause phytotoxicity.


Target weeds

Quali-Pro Nutmeg is registered for control of Nutgrass, Mullumbimby Couch and broadleaf weeds including Fat Hen, Cobblers Peg and Variegated Thistle.


At a glance

Schedule 5, low odour formulation

  • Safer for use in public environments

Excellent turf safety

  • May be used on a wide variety of warm and cool season grass types, including common and hybrid green couch, Qld blue couch, fescue, carpet grass, centipede grass, buffalo grass and rye grass

Wide variety of areas for use

  • Turf farms, golf courses, sports fields, municipality parks, industrial, commercial and residential lawns

Useful rotation tool

  • An effective rotational tool from Group B and I herbicides, and one of few herbicides safe to use on sensitive varieties such as Buffalo


Key Targets

  • Cobblers Peg
  • Fat Hen
  • Mullumbimby Couch
  • Noogoora Burr
  • Nutgrass
  • Variegated Thistle



  • Turf



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Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Adama range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Updated on: 29 April 2022


Bentazone 480 g/L



Soluble Concentrate - SL


Mode of action


Quali-Pro Nutmeg contains 480g/L Bentazone, in a  soluble liquid concentrate formulation.

Bentazone is a Benzothiadiazole herbicide that works by inhibiting photosynthesis in the chloroplast of plants. After application, chlorosis begins 3 to 5 days following application followed by necrosis and desiccation of the plant.  Bentazone is a contact herbicide and therefore thorough coverage of the foliage of weeds is essential.