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Amp Agronomy Max Amino

Amp Agronomy Max Amino

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which are converted by plants into new growth. Some amino acids also play a critical role in photosynthesis, the process by which carbohydrates are converted into both energy and new proteins.

Humic acid is a common treatment, but amino acids are often neglected at the expense of potential plant productivity and plant resistance to environmental stresses.

Max Amino is an organic, foliar nitrogen fertilizer with 18 L-Amino acid and is derived exclusively from vegetable proteins!

Max Amino is 100% salt-free, 100% soluble, and 100% effective.



  • Improves absorption through the roots, increases plant resistance to adverse conditions
  • Improves color
  • Odor is pleasant making it great for use in greenhouses or enclosed areas
  • 4% available soluble organic nitrogen content
  • Provides immediately available nitrogen and helps plants grow quickly
  • 100% salt free and 100% effective use on flowers, trees, shrubs, vines and turfgrass



Why Use Amp Agronomy?

Amp Agronomy™ is a carbon-based foliar nutritional line built on Catalyst Technology™ that makes nutrients more plant available. With the use of Catalyst Technology, all Amp Agronomy products were designed to be environmentally responsible, cost effective, easy to transport, and to provide nutrients to your turf, crops, sod, and ornamentals as efficiently as possible. 

  • Our products are described as environmentally responsible without the loss of yields or monetary gain.
  • When you compare Amp Agronomy products with other fertilizers, Amp Agronomy uses about two quarts per acre whereas dry fertilizer may use around 70 pounds per acre. Our pricing is set at quarts per acre, making Amp Agronomy more cost effective.
  • Carbon is required in the soil and by the plant for nitrogen metabolism. If nitrogen inputs are not balanced with a source of carbon, the nitrogen applied is not properly utilized.


Amp Agronomy™’s Catalyst Technology™, a proprietary process that employs multiple U.S. patents, is a foliar nutritional line that provides the most efficient nutrient delivery system available on the market today.


Proprietary Formulation

  • Our products begin with a unique active carbon ortho-phosphate complex along with a patented blend of amino acids, vitamins & minerals, and macro & micro nutrients to produce fertilizers that enable plants to reach their genetic potential and outperform plants grown with established technologies.


  • Individual nutrients are protected by encapsulation. Phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients are protected from tie-up with other ions in the soil and water by forming a net neutral particle. This technology ensures extended plant availability.

Patented UHDC Sizing

  • Ultra-hydrodynamic cavitation (UHDC) nano-sizes these proprietary formulations under controlled reactions through a sonochemistry process, which enables increased plant uptake, immediate entry and availability.v


  • Using low pressure homogenization, the formulation becomes a homogenous, stable mixture where every drop contains the identical formulation and is ready to use.


Ultra-Low Inputs

  • Due to its highly plant-available formulation, the typical application rate is about one to two quarts per acre. The liquid formulation permits users to apply a smaller amount of product, making it more environmentally friendly.

Improved Efficiency

  • The liquid fertilizer designed for foliar applications promotes efficient nutrient delivery directly to the plant without soil tie-up. With fast and efficient nutrient delivery, better results and higher yields are achieved.

Ready to Use

  • Our products are not water soluble powders and do not require a mobile unit to process or dispense the product. Formulations are made up of liquid fertilizers making them lighter in weight and easier for transport. Less product and more efficient mixtures permits minimal effort and less preparation to apply.

Higher Yields & Better Quality

  • Catalyst Technology promotes efficient nutrient delivery to the plant with immediate and long lasting effects. Research shows that crops produce higher yields and remain healthy and vibrant for longer periods of time.





Centaur Asia Pacifc is the distributor for Amp Agronomy range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Taiwan.

Updated on: 19 November 2021


Total Nitrogen (N) 4.00% Water Soluble


Available Phosphorus (P₂O₅)………..1.00%

Soluble Potassium (K₂O)…………….2.00%

Derived from: Soybean