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Foursome® |   Quali-Pro®

Turf Pigment

A unique formulation pigment additive designed to enhance and extend the aesthetic appearance of the turf site following a pesticide application and for use as a spray pattern indicator.

Foursome is a spray pattern indicator. It may be used for turf applications where there is a need to mark the spray pattern to prevent overlapping (for example pesticide applications). The natural green colour also helps enhance  the aesthetic appearance of the turf.

Product Type: Professional

Use Sites: turf, golf courses




Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Quali-Pro range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, and Malaysia.

Updated on: 29 April 2020


 For optimal performance, use from 15 to 20 oz. of FOURSOME Turf Pigment per acre of turf with 16oz. suggested as the initial rate.

 1. Fill sprayer tank one-half to two-thirds volume of water.

2. With agitation on and following standard order of addition, add FOURSOME Turf Pigment after dryflowable/dispersable granules and before water-soluble pesticide formulations.

3. Allow FOURSOME Turf Pigment to fully disperse and mix into the spray solution before adding additional pesticides.

4. Make application of pesticide solution mix to target site at rate specified on pesticide manufacturer's label.

5. After application, clean sprayer tank as per pesticide manufacturer's label.

Coverage Area

If Foursome Turf Pigment is used at the suggested initial rate of 16 ounces each gallon will cover approximately 8 acres of turf.

Active Ingredient

Custom Blend of Green Pigments