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ISP ProForce Shrapnel 600SL

ISP ProForce Shrapnel 600SL

Shrapnel 600SL Fungicide contains 600g/L of the active ingredient Propamocarb Monohydrochloride and is registered for the control of Pythium in a range of turf and ornamental plant applications.

In turfgrass situations, Shrapnel 600SL can provide a fast, efficient curative fungicide for Pythium infection. It can also provide a useful rotational option for preventative control.

In ornamentals, Shrapnel 600SL is a useful preventative and curative fungicide for control of Pythium diseases in containerised plantings, bulk soil treatments or for use in plant establishment activities (seeding, cuttings or seedling operations).

Shrapnel 600SL is formulated in Australia, from imported materials.


Key Features

  • Fast, efficient curative control of Pythium. Absorbed by all plant parts – leaves, roots and stem tissues, making movement into the plant rapid.
  • Soluble liquid formulation – completely water soluble, making the product compatible with most insecticides and fungicides.
  • Unique mode of action – Group 28. Multiple site activity, providing limited potential for resistance to occur. No resistance reported in 20 years of product use.
  • Impacts upon Pythium development at most parts of its lifecycle – Mycelial formation, spore production and germination.
  • Effective residual performance. Provides up to 28 days residual control.
  • Excellent turf and ornamental safety. Registered for use on over 90 ornamental plant species. Safe for use on young seedlings.
  • Convenient 5L pack size, reducing packaging waste.


About ISP

ISP is a privately-owned business, formed and owned by a small team of industry professionals with extensive experience in manufacture, distribution and product registration. We are a business focused on production & supply of plant protection, pest control, plant nutrition, soil, water management & biological products. Specialising in Australasian non-crop and niche horticultural markets, including Turf & Amenity, Nursery Production, Industrial Vegetation Management, Forestry, Pest Control and Consumer Home Garden & Pest Management.



Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for ISP range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Updated on: 14 April 2022



Propamocarb is absorbed by the roots & leaves, and transported upwards in the plant. Once inside the plant, Shrapnel 600SL controls the Pythium fungi by disrupting the formation of fungal cell walls by interfering with synthesis of phospholipids and fatty acids. Propamocarb affects the 3 major stages of Pythium fungal growth and development: mycelial formation, spore production and germination. In comparison to many other Pythium fungicides, Propamocarb (due to its ability to be absorbed by most plant parts and its inherent water solubility characteristics) moves through the plant quickly, providing excellent curative and eradicant control of Pythium.