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Profile EcoFlex HP (Erosion Control)

Profile EcoFlex HP (Erosion Control)

Even Better Erosion Control and Revegetation for Very Steep Slopes and Critical Sites

New EcoFlex™ HP (High Performance) Flexible Growth Medium™ provides superior erosion control immediately upon application and enhances seed germination without endangering the natural environment. This technologically advanced matrix retains more than 99% of soil, reducing turbidity of runoff up to 18 months, and increases wet bond strength for greater resistance to sheet flow. It also delivers 600% better initial germination and 250% greater biomass than the original.


100% safe for aquatic and terrestrial life forms, new and improved EcoFlex HP has no nets or threads to endanger wildlife. It uses 100% biodegradable crimped interlocking fibers and 100% recycled and phyto-sanitized wood fibers. Earth-friendly and sustainable, it is a result of Profile's Green Design Engineering™ - cost-effective and environmentally superior solutions through the design, manufacture and application of sustainable erosion control and vegetation establishment technologies.


Revolutionary Micro-Pore particles optimize water and nutrient retention

100% recycled Thermally Refined® wood fibers not only produce the highest yield and coverage per pound, they are also phyto-sanitized, eliminating weed seeds and pathogens

100% biodegradable interlocking man-made fibers help increase erosion control effectiveness

100% non-toxic biopolymers and water absorbents further enhance performance




Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Profile range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia.

Updated on: 17 March 2021