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Simplot PP GrowthPack Trident 4-0-1 with UMAXX

Simplot PP GrowthPack Trident 4-0-1 with UMAXX

Stabilized urea blended with plant available nutrients, sea plant extracts and a soil surfactant.

Trident™ with UMAXX® is a convenient blend of a seawead extract biostimulant, plant available nutrients, and a proprietary soil surfactant.

  1. A convenient blend of a seaweed extract biostimulant, available plant nutrients, and a proprietary soil surfactant

  2. Can be applied throughout the growing season

  3. Applications can be made to both cool and warm season grasses, trees, shrubs, foliage and bedding plants



Products designed to stimulate growth and aid in the strengthening of leaves, stems, & roots. High performance, liquid specialty fertilizers & biostimulants.

Products that strengthen and boost plant growth.

GrowthPack® Features:

• Stabilized, readily and slowly available nitrogen
• High quality liquid biostimulant additives
• High performance potassium & manganese phosphite
• Plant available micronutrients
• Formulations containing Seaweed Extract (SWE)
• Formulations containing humic and fulvic acid
• Soil microbial inoculant

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Exclusive Specialty Products

PerformancePack™ provides exclusive specialty turf and horticulture products available only from Simplot Turf & Horticulture. Each PerformancePack™ has been shown to be highly effective at solving specific agronomic concerns.

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Updated on: 16 June 2022


Total Nitrogen (N) 4.000%
Soluble Potash (K2O) 1.000%
Elemental K 0.830%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.900%
Iron (Fe) 2.000%
Manganese (Mn) 0.250%
Zinc (Zn) 0.200%


Directions and Usage

Greens/Tees/Fairways: Apply 6 fl.oz/1,000 ft2 (180 mL/93 m2) every two weeks in enough water to ensure adequate coverage.

Trees/Shrubs: Mix 1 gallon (4 L) of Trident™ 4-0-1 with UMAXX® in 100 gallons (360 L) of water and apply 5 gallons (20 L) of mix per inch (25 mm) to trunk diameter at chest height. Tank mix should be injected in a circular grid pattern starting 1 ft. (300 mm) from trunk and continuing 2 ft. (600 mm) past the drip line.

Flowering/Foliage/Bedding Plants: Mix a 2% solution of Trident™ 4-0-1 with UMAXX® and water. Spray to runoff.


1 fluid ounce of Trident™ 4-0-1 with UMAXX® = 0.0032 lbs. N, 0.0008 lbs. K2O, 0.0007 lbs. Mg, 0.0016 lbs. Fe, 0.0002 lbs. Mn, 0.0016 lbs. Zn.

Weight per Gallon ...........................10.4 lbs./Gal (1.25 Kg/L)


Trident™ 4-0-1 with UMAXX® is compatible with most products. However, it may not be compatible with materials containing liquid calcium,cadmium or the fungicide Alliette. A jar-type compatibility test is recommended before mixing.