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Simplot PP SurfPack ReWet (Soil Surfactant)

Simplot PP SurfPack ReWet (Soil Surfactant)

Soil surfactant.

ReWet® is a soil surfactant treatment chemistry formulated to easily and effectively relieve existing water related problems such as localized dry spots or wet spots.

  1. Designed to promote rapid rehydration of hydrophobic soils

  2. Can be applied at anytime of the year to avoid detrimental impact of water repellency stress and localized dry spots on turf and to increase the vigorous appearance of turfgarss

  3. Ideal for treating and rehydrating dry soils that have already become hydrophobic



SurfPack® offers a variety of soil surfactants to prevent and treat water repellency that can result in localized dry spots.

Get the most out of your water.

SurfPack® Features:

  • Chemistries designed to prevent and treat localized dry spot
  • Promote hydration of hydrophobic soils
  • Improved water infiltration and uniformity in the soil
  • Spray, granular and injection formulation options
  • Hose-end syringing tablets
  • Unique protein-surfactant complex chemistry

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Exclusive Specialty Products

PerformancePack™ provides exclusive specialty turf and horticulture products available only from Simplot Turf & Horticulture. Each PerformancePack™ has been shown to be highly effective at solving specific agronomic concerns.

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Updated on: 20 June 2022

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