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Danny Potter

Danny Potter, the Founder & Owner of Centaur Asia Pacific, holds a prominent reputation as an executive acknowledged across Australia and Asia. With an impressive career spanning over 35 years in the golf industry, particularly the last three decades in Asia, he has taken on diverse roles, including Golf Course Superintendent, Construction Manager, Owners Site Representative, Corporate Development Director – Golf, and Area Sales Manager. Presently, as the General Manager of Centaur Asia Pacific, Danny possesses a wealth of experience that certifies his ability to comprehend and meet the needs and expectations of our esteemed clientele.

Danny's home base is in Australia, where he operates and oversees the company's operations with his extensive knowledge and expertise.


Lyna Low holds the position of Deputy General Manager at Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore. As the head of the office team in Singapore, she takes charge of the day-to-day office operations, ensuring the company functions seamlessly. Lyna also prioritizes the needs of our customers and suppliers, making sure they receive excellent care and attention. Lyna Low, Deputy General Manager of Centaur Asia Pacific (Singapore)


Bryan Littlejohn, Business Manager of Centaur Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Bryan Littlejohn serves as the Area Sales Manager (Projects & Equipment) responsible for machineries, club furnishings, and projects within the golf and sports turf industry. With a wealth of experience and a deep passion for sales, he is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with clients and maintains a relentless "never give-up" attitude.

In his role, Bryan will take charge of overseeing all operations in the region on behalf of the Singapore office. His expertise and commitment ensure efficient management and successful outcomes in the designated area.


Tanner Kelder has joined Centaur Singapore as a Product Support Specialist. In this role, Tanner will collaborate closely with Bryan Littlejohn, offering technical support to customers and conducting training sessions to ensure their proficiency in managing the operation of our supplied products. With nearly a decade of experience in the golf course maintenance industry, Tanner specializes in areas such as irrigation management, mowing techniques, fertilizer requirements, and tournament preparation, among other expertise.


Wendy Chia holds the position of Management Accountant at Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore. Her main role involves providing crucial support to Lyna in handling all accounting matters, which includes the implementation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for all finance-related aspects.

With a remarkable background encompassing over 20 years of accounting experience across diverse industries, Wendy exudes confidence in her ability to elevate efficiency through her extensive knowledge and expertise.


Christopher Lim serves as our Group Marketing Executive at Centaur Asia Pacific. He is responsible in providing marketing support to all country offices within the organization. This includes the preparation of marketing materials and managing online social media, website, and offline events.

Furthermore, Christopher takes charge of overseeing PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) and SGSecure matters for the Singapore office. Based in Singapore, he operates from this location to effectively fulfill his responsibilities.

Christopher Lim, Group Marketing Executive of Centaur Asia Pacific


Subramanian Murali, Warehouse Manager of Centaur Asia Pacific (Singapore)

Subramanian Murali is our Project cum Warehouse Support personnel at Centaur Asia Pacific Singapore. In this role, he plays a vital part in assisting Bryan with various projects. Additionally, Murali holds the responsibility for overseeing the operations of the Singapore Warehouse and Store. His extensive experience and expertise in logistics make him well-versed in handling various processes.

With Murali on our team, we are confident that the warehouse and store will be efficiently managed and taken care of. His presence ensures smooth operations and optimal handling of tasks in these areas.


Updated as of 14 May 2024