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Smithco Fairway Roller Ultra 10

Smithco Fairway Roller Ultra 10

Fairway Roller Ultra 10

  • Money- saving tow-behind design vs. expensive self-contained fairway rollers.
  • Reduces frequency of mowing, cost of labor, fuel, chemical costs and wear and tear on machinery.
  • 10-foot wide rolling capacity at 10 mph equals 12 acres/hour. Twice as fast as mowing.
  • Grass is healthier. Fairways are consistently smoother and firmer.
  • Three rollers follow the contours of fairway, delivering 1360 lbs. of rolling weight. Plus 100 gallons of water weight when you need it.
  • Clevis hitch makes attaching to most any utility vehicle fast and easy. Use vehicle remote hydraulics or optional electric/hydraulic pack.
  • Three hydraulically controlled heavy gauge steel rollers fold forward inside the wheels for narrow bridge paths in transport.



Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Smithco range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

Updated on: 23 February 2021


Models 12-500-B Self-contained Hydraulics | 12-501-B Remote Hydraulics
Configuration A pull behind fairway roller. Set of 3 rollers, where outside rollers able to fold in for transport via electric actuators. a 100 gallon ballast tank on a 3500 lb. axle frame.
Tongue Weight In Transport: 244 kg While Rolling: 36.3 kg
Water Weight Capacity 378.5 L
Rolling Weight 1007 kg
Dry Weight 616.8 kg
Ground Pressure 9.25 psi (with 100 gallons of water) 5.6 psi (empty)
Dimensions 2.07m Folded width x 3.73m Overall Length 3.05m Effective rolling width 3.18m Overall width extended x 3.66m Overall length
Two Options Clevis Hitch 2’’ Ball Hitch 2-5/16’’ Ball Hitch
Optional Accessories 12-502 Spiker Reels 12-503 Foam Marker – Dealer Installed