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Smithco Sweep Star 48 Sweeper

Smithco Sweep Star 48 Sweeper


Smithco Sweep Star 48 is self-propelled, 3-wheel sweeper for quick and easy cleanup of golf courses, parks, school campuses, cemeteries or any large turf area. Hydraulically driven and tricycle design makes it extremely maneuverable around trees, fences, buildings or any other obstacle. The debris hopper raises to over 6 feet (1.8m)for the easy deposit of debris in vehicles or refuse containers.

  • 18 hp (13 kW) twin-cylinder gasoline engine.
  • 1.75 cubic yard (1.25 cu M) debris hopper.
  • 48″ (122 cm) wide, terrain-following sweeper head with a choice of rubber finger sweeping reel or nylon bristle brush.
  • Safety equipment includes ROPS, seat belts and hillside angle gauge.
  • High back seat and tilt steering provide extra operator comfort.
  • Easy-to-reach hydraulic controls make operating all systems simple and easy.



Self-propelled, 3-wheel design


3-wheel design makes sweeping easy around trees, fences, buildings or any other obstacle.


18 hp (13 kW) twin-cylinder gasoline engine


High-lift 1.75 cubic yard dump raises to 65” for easy disposal of trash




Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Smithco range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, and Singapore.

Updated on: 25 February 2021


Models 48-500AB Sweep Star 48H Brush Reel 48-500AF Sweep Star 48H Finger Reel
Power 13 kW twin-cylinder, OHV, air-cooled gasoline engine with double action air intake filtration. (Engine mounted plus remote cyclonic filtration system).
Configuration Self contained, three-wheel, tri-cycle configuration with front steering, two rear drive wheels and rear mounted high lift debris hopper.
Debris Hopper Capacity – 1.3 cu. m. | Construction – 14 gauge steel formed panels High capacity airflow openings at top and rear | Dump - Hydraulic raise / lower debris hopper to dump height to 1.9 m above the ground to dump debris into refuse container.
Sweeper Head 122 cm; belt-driven single rotating reel; adjustable sweeping height; follows terrain on dual caster wheel. Choice of Rubber finger sweep reel with 96 flexible fingers (Model CF) — or — Nylon bristle brush sweep reel (Model CB)
Drive Hydrostatic variable speed pump. Direct coupling to engine. Drives to two, rear mounted Parker heavy duty / high-efficiency hydraulic drive motors on rear wheels. Single hydraulic traction pedal for forward and reverse drive
Speed Infinitely variable, Forward 0-16 kph, Reverse 0-5 kph
Braking Dynamic braking through the hydraulic drive system; Manually operated disc type parking brake on rear wheels
Battery Automotive Type 24F, 12-volt (battery not included with ocean or air shipment)
Construction Hydraulically formed, electrically welded heavy wall steel tubing.
Tires & Wheels Front: (1) 18-9.50 x 8 Multi-ribs Rear: (2)23-1050×12 Soft-trac Casters (2) 9 x 3.5 x 4
Steering Manual chain drive with 9.3:1 reduction, 38 cm diameter, soft grip automotive type steering wheel.
Instrumentation Hydraulic levers to lift/lower debris hopper, open/close debris hopper tailgate and raise/lower of sweeping mechanism head assembly. Hour meter.
Controls Single hydraulic traction pedal for forward and reverse Hand-operated throttle control
Seat High-back, single-piece construction. Adjustable operator position
Electrical 12-volt, electronic key start
Sound Level 90 dbA
Dimensions Length: 307 cm | Width: 168 cm | Height: 213 cm | Wheel Base: 179 cm
Weight 862 kg
Liquid Capacities Hydraulic system oil: 19 L in high-density polyethylene tank. Gasoline (unleaded): 22.7 L in high-density nylon low-perm tank
Safety ROPS with operator seat belt Battery located outside of engine, hydraulic compartment. Fire proof fuel lines, hydraulic lines covered with abrasion and leak resistant tube. Fire extinguisher. Operator presence switch in seat for engine start. Complies with all applicable ANSI, OSHA and European Machinery DIrective standards.
Options 48-501 Hopper Dust Shield | 48-502 48H Nylon Brush Head , 4 rows of 5″ bristles | 48-503 48H Rubber Finger Reel, 96 Flexible Rubber Fingers