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Werecon GS6 Control System

Werecon GS6 Control System

The WCM-GS Control System is our flagship product. This panel is capable of controlling up to four modular pump units, and is also capable of monitoring two pH sensors. Years of research and development have produced a product that is sophisticated, yet very easy to use. The system is menu driven, and displays all system information in plain language on the easy-to read graphical display. These units have been used in harsh environments, and have proven to be very reliable. Additionally, since W-CM-GS controllers are driven by WERECON’s proprietary control software, they are expandable and can be upgraded to meet your future needs.



  • Easy to use.
  • Expandable to accommodate more pumps, as well as features that may become available in the future.
  • Can proportionally drive up to four pump modules.
  • Individual 7 day programming for each injected product.
  • Records usage information for each product.
  • Tracks monthly water usage.
  • Compatible with the industry standard Data Industrial 220 series flow sensor.
  • Capable of remote data communications. (With optional package)
  • Sealed NEMA 4 fiberglass enclosure suitable for outdoor mounting.
  • Incorporates WERECON Proprietary Adaptive Auto Adjust™ technology.


About Werecon

WERECON Inc. was incorporated in 1990 in Scottsdale, AZ. Making us 26 years old this year!

Our primary focus is the manufacture of water conditioning equipment with an emphasis on control systems.
We produce a broad range of products that are designed to meet the water treatment needs of the agricultural, golf/sports turf, nurseries, as well as large residences and residential developments.

Unlike some other companies in our industry, we actually make a large portion of our equipment from scratch.
Operating from our 10,000 square foot facility in Phoenix, we have the capability to manufacture our own electronics, and do our own metal and plastic fabrication.
We also have a complete CNC machine shop.



Centaur Asia Pacific is the distributor for Werecon range of products in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Guam and other parts of Asia.

Updated on: 3 June 2022


Dimensions 13.5” x 7.5” x 15.5” Including mounting feet 
Weight 12 pounds  5.4 kilos
Cabinet  Fiberglass NEMA 4 
Display   Graphical STN
Keypad 9 Key membrane
Power Requirement  100,120,220,230,240 VAC @ 47-63 Hz

System is available in two distinct models.  The first is the standard system that is capable of independently controlling up to four pump modules.  The second is functionally identical to the standard unit with the additional capability of monitoring up to two pH sensors for pH control applications.