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Capillary Bunkers

Capillary Bunkers

The World’s Leading Bunker Liner For Golf Courses

Capillary Bunkers is recognized as the World’s Leading Bunker Liner, and the most durable bunker construction method. Over 800 courses around the world have built or renovated their bunkers with Capillary Bunkers, including dozens of golf’s top 100 courses.

When there’s extreme weather – from storms to droughts – your bunkers really show it. The key to better performing bunkers is moisture control. As soon as the sand on steep bunker faces starts to dry out, the risk of plugged ball lies and washouts increase significantly. The Capillary Concrete Bunker Liner System gives you total drainage control and keeps bunker moisture at optimal levels to eliminate washed out bunkers, soil contamination, plugged ball lies and other bunker maintenance and playability problems.

Capillary Concrete not only rapidly drains rain from storms, it moves moisture back up to the bunker sand during drier weather through special micropores and capillary action. The patented Capillary Concrete system stores and restores moisture to the sand faces to provide more ideal playing conditions. In addition, we are the only product on the market that has a 1000 psi rating in ASTM testing protocols, and can withstand severe climates and frozen ground. No other product comes close to this rating.


Long-Term Performance & Durability (Learn more)

Our bunkers last longer, pay for themselves within three years, and provide better, more consistent player experiences.


Easy Installation & Maintenance (Learn more)

Our bunkers can be installed in nearly any weather conditions by your in-house team.


Lower Cost, Higher ROI (Learn more)

We are so confident in the performance our bunkers that we offer a 10-year Performance Guarantee.


Bunker Wash Box (Learn more)

Turn your bunkers into an asset instead of a financial liability with our flexible and convenient Financial Solutions.


100% Freeze-thaw guarantee

Capillary Concrete has been designed to withstand the most severe freeze-thaw conditions for decades without any damage. Special polymers are mixed in the truck that enhance the strength and durability, and provide ample protection from the most severe winter freezing conditions, in any climate, wet or dry.

This freeze-thaw strength has been proven in laboratory environments multiple times, but most importantly in the field, in real-life installations for over 10 years. For instance, this 18 hole top-5 course in Oslo, Norway has had almost all green side bunkers installed over 10 years ago and has suffered zero damage to its Capillary Concrete bunkers. This location is one of the toughest golf course sites you will ever find, with some very deep ground frost on wet clay soils that move with the freeze-thaw cycles every year.


Bunker Liner Costs

What is the extra cost of installing a Capillary Bunker? The answer depends on local aggregate pricing and transport availability. On average, installing Capillary Concrete usually means an added 15 – 35% to the total bunker renovation cost if you include labor, and in return the bunker will now last 5 times longer on average, even against other liner products.




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Centaur Asia Pacific is the exclusive distributor for Capillary Concrete range of products in Queensland State of Australia, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand beside other countries in South-East Asia.

Updated on: 21 June 2021


Bunker Construction For Golf Courses

Capillary Concrete is environmentally friendly and completely safe for installers and players alike. It can be used in sensitive wetland areas or even the harshest environments without any problems. Our system has no pesticide leaching and no dangerous hardeners or solvents are used.