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Plant Stress

About Plant Stress

All of Amp Agronomy™’s products were developed with plant stress in mind. Plants are always under some sort of stress every minute of every day, whether biotic or abiotic. It is actually rare for all things to be in perfect condition for a plant’s growing environment. In fact, all plants and crops are continuously subjected to oxidative biotic and abiotic stress due to a wide variety of environmental factors. Although these visual symptoms may indicate a stress issue in your field, it is important that a proper diagnosis takes place for successful problem correction. When a plant is stressed, it triggers a molecular and cellular process to fix the issue. It then focuses so much of its energy on fixing the issue that it has to divert energy from normal or productive growth processes. Not only is the plant putting a halt to its productive growth process—it is also dispelling toxic biochemicals that although fix the problem, linger even after the issue is resolved. Phosphorus and potassium provide the plant with the necessary nutrients it needs to help the plant cope with and recover from stress appropriately.